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Super deer and stubborn extra grand in great demand

Super deer and stubborn extra grand in great demand

super deer
Super Kijang Grand Extra and is the output of cars toyota 1986 to 1996 with distinction and antelope super extra grand is the engine capacity of the car, this car is a 3rd generation Kijang car more modern than a touch of antelope box with power steering technology is a new technology in 1990 's. Toyota kijang super is the successor generation to 2 deer (deer box / slap), this car has 3 main variants of the long (long chassis) are widely produced and in great demand, short short chassis
produced little but has a very loyal fan and pick up a very tough and demand for rural transport to date.

Super deer deer with a car that was refined box arches form issued starting in 1986 to 1992 has a cylinder capacity of 1500 cc engine. While deer grand extra is an improvement of deer super issued between 1992 and 1996 with the addition of a 1800 cc engine capacity, made ​​with press body / free putty, the addition of power steering, double blower with changes to the headlights and grille cars that look more fit is seen .

kijang grand extra
Deer excellence and extra super major is the power of the engine, the car is very tough for a field trip that is quite heavy even now many found in the suburbs and still in great demand in rural areas for up and down and winding terrain, deer super car market and extra deer are also very stable because it has a strong market share / loyal deer that keep prices stable. Super and extra grand deer including MPV type car gasoline and has the acceleration / traction engine very good. Toyota engines famous wayward deer, antelope super power generated is 1500 cc 63 hp by using a 5-speed manual transmission system.

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