Sunday, June 23, 2013

Specifications excess mega suzuki carry pick up

Specifications excess mega suzuki carry pick up
Suzuki Mega Carry is a replacement product suzuki carry pick up although the dealer is still selling suzuki carry suzuki type with the most recent variant of the suzuki carry futura 1.5. Suzuki carry it no end, for the type of minibus alone until 2012 this was marketed with the most recent variant is the real suzuki carry van 1.5 (new) despite already introduced a more modern replacement carry that type of APV (arena, etc.) that features more new and different designs. First discuss where APV APV is a commercial vehicle that is not less than the suzuki carry, which is almost the same specifications APV also able to load 8 passengers, the cabin is the same-
equally wide, can function as a commercial vehicle or a family vehicle, machine equally stubborn (newer APV difference in terms of technology), APV also features better audio system with air conditioning, and others.
Back to suzuki carry, if carry variants of the minibus is realvan 1.5 available for pick up carry suzuki carry pick up is futura 1.5 famous stubborn. This year has been issued a suzuki carry mega which has meruba

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