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Isuzu D-Max Turbo Diesel economical

Isuzu D-Max Turbo Diesel economical

Isuzu D-Max turbo diesel engines are increasingly sought after off road enthusiasts Indonesia, the height of car double cabin issued each automaker issued as of mitsubishi strada triton, toyota hilux and ford with the ranger as a pioneer of the Isuzu diesel engine was a commercial car want to miss issued Isuzu D-Max. Isuzu D-max is a car type SUV / Pick Up that combines the concept kenggulan SUV engine and cabin pick up. When compared with his rivals (double cabin car) in terms of engine turns excess Isuzu D-Max is the greater power, using diesel fuel D-Max has a cylinder capacity of 3000 cc engine capable of producing power of 136 hp and torque of 279 nm, compared with Mitsubishi

strada triton cylinder capacity of 2800 cc engine that only has a 97 hp with a torque of 198 Nm the Isuzu D-Max is more powerful than the Strada Triton, in terms of power the D-Max is also superior to its rival the Toyota hilux second cylinder 2,500 cc engine that only generate power of 144 hp.
Isuzu D-max has a turbo diesel engine that can generate power 116 hp and 136 hp which is the mode with two D-max can adjust to the terrain to be traversed, if the track / road is very tough climbs, rocky, watery / gritty it could using a turbo engine, while if the relatively mild could use standard mode is more fuel efficient, as the record of Isuzu D-Max is able to creep up on the ramp at 49 degrees. Comparison of consumption / fuel efficiency for out of town trips Isuzu D-Max is almost the same as the ranger and triton strada (see review) which is 12 Km per Liter Solar, while the more extravagant toyota hilux ie 11 km per liter, while traveling in the city for Isuzu D -Max the most economical diesel consumption which is 10 kilometers / liter, this is different from the other rivals that 1 liter of diesel is only a distance of 9 Km. Disadvantages Isuzu D-Max is the acceleration, although the machine is more efficient but also slightly lagging acceleration trillionth of a second to take kecepata

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