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Disadvantages and advantages Daihatsu Espass Price

Disadvantages and advantages Daihatsu Espass Price

Daihatsu Espass classified into types minibus has a rectangular exterior design (like a bus) but has a smaller body, the car is also often called micro buses. Daihatsu Espass designed to carry lots of passengers, passenger capacity is one of the many advantages which the Espass daihatsu daihatsu Espass passenger capacity of up to 7 passengers (like cars MPV). Espass car uses gasoline engine with fuel, has a 5-speed manual transmission with a 4.22 final gear ratio final. This car engine cylinder capacity is 1600 cc with fuel injection.

Daihatsu Espass began to be issued in 1995 with the ZL-9 1.3 engine has a cylinder capacity of 1300 cc with water cooling still using and still uses platinum. 1995 daihatsu Espass advantage is the economical fuel consumption, while Espass 1995 daihatsu weaknesses exist in platinum are easily damaged when exposed to water (sensitive to the watery). 1995 Daihatsu Espass shortages also exist in the exterior design still looks stiff / less fresh look at, for example, the wheels are not using racing wheels, front rear bumper design still looks less fierce. 1995 Espass engine has a cylinder capacity of 1300 cc with fuel supply technologies through the carburetor, it will have an impact well on the power generated, you can bet this car has poor engine performance, still under suzuki carry its class rivals.

2000 Daihatsu Espass is a refinement Espass issued from 1995 to 1999, starting in 2000 Espass already using 1600 cc engine with fuel supply using full injection system, improve the exterior design

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