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Feroza jeep special edition and G2

Feroza jeep special edition and G2

Feroza is a jeep type car (now popular SUV) issued by Daihatsu between 1993 and 1999, the car is quite popular among the young because the model is sporty and the engine is quite supportive for heavy travel, Daihatsu Feroza excellence is at the home range are capable of passing track or rough terrain, with a high ground clearance of 20 cm more make this car able to pass through puddles and rocky terrain with very tough. This car uses the HD-C engine before the engine daihatsu cadets who use HD-D, has a cylinder capacity of 1600 cc engine
using inline 4-cylinder and 16 valve SOHC.

Feroza car has a passenger capacity of 5 to 6 people depending on the type of Feroza, before 1996 Feroza only have one choice models that seat 2 seats facing each other behind the front seats plus 2 front facing these models can carry 6 passengers. but after popping special edition Feroza passenger capacity to be varied between 5 and 6 people, Daihatsu Feroza has a variant which uses two rows of seats facing the front where on this type Feroza only able to load 5 passengers Feroza example for type G2 Deluxe.
Daihatsu Feroza classified as off-road vehicle which in earlier times known as Jeep and SUV models at present said to be essentially the same car that aimed to conquer the heavy fields such as watery terrain, rocky road, uphill, slippery road and steep, the mud, sand terrain and off road terrain. Car type jeep much-loved young people who like adventure or also people who often through rough terrain such as plantations, rural or pegungungan. Daihatsu Feroza in this case is one that relied on the 90s than Taft, katana and Land Cruiser.
Daihatsu Feroza own use with gasoline engines that have the advantage on acceleration and has a weakness on the durability of the engine must be stopped when the machine is working very hard to be cooled. Feroza engine type HD-C 1.6 L has a maximum power of 96.3 Ps at 5700 rpm for type and special edition for type G2 has a maximum power of 87.5 Ps at 6000 rpm, maximum torque is a special edition Daihatsu Feroza 13, 1 kgm at 4800 rpm, while for G2 memili

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