Sunday, June 23, 2013

Daihatsu Taruna economical SUV

Daihatsu Taruna economical SUV

Daihatsu SUVs cadets are known at this time many considered economical at small SUV, the car is a petrol-engined successor offroad cars Daihatsu Feroza which ended production in 1999. Daihatsu cadets were first produced in 1999 with the C series models that have a passenger capacity 5 people and uses a 1500 cc engine with fuel supply systems still use carburetors. Daihatsu cadets type C has two rows of seats facing forward, while a bit of space behind the second row seats to type c cadets used for items that can not be maximized cabin space to accommodate a passenger.

Daihatsu Taruna F type was introduced in the 2nd year of 2000, the F type daihatsu cadets perfecting deficiencies daihatsu cadets C series. Various changes were made to extend from the exterior car body and chassis, on the interior add a passenger seat 7 people, improving the quality of AC to AC double blower can cool up to seven passengers. In the F series is not made ​​changes to the engine, so the engine is still using the HD-type D 1500 cc with fuel supply carburetor as the previous version.

Daihatsu Taruna overhaul the fuel supply in 2001 that in the previous C series and F series still use carburetors then converted into gasoline injection system supplies, it is another step to optimize fuel so the car will be more efficient and have a greater maximum power. Daihatsu cars cadets who came out this year, both the F series and C series have used the material supply system

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