Sunday, June 23, 2013

Excellence Honda Brio Specifications and Price

Excellence Honda Brio Specifications and Price - Honda Brio is the latest car issued by mid-August 2012, Honda Brio city car, including the type used to bulldoze a narrow track urban and active, with minor exterior design will allow drivers to travel the roads mice / narrow. Honda Brio to be one of the mainstays of automotive manufacturers besides honda honda jazz hatchback market in Indonesia, the advantages offered by the Honda Brio is to fix the price of honda jazz cheaper and more efficient than the honda jazz, brio also more sporty appearance than the honda jazz.
Honda brio has a passenger capacity that is equal to honda jazz 4 people, using a gasoline engine to bring the concept of eco-friendly economical cars. Different from the concept car brio honda jazz honda jazz which is more the impression of luxury cars with quality features, while over on the honda brio cars sporty impression with new features / fresh (see front lamp design is very fresh sporty brio).
Honda Brio Another advantage is on the side of the wheel is relatively mild in the maneuver, has good acceleration with stable handling (not easy loss drive), has most of the power in the class of 1300 cc hatchback. Brio is easy to control because it has compact exterior design, convenient for small streets and suitable for narrow parking space.
Besides the advantages of Honda Brio is the most prominent economical fuel consumption, using the latest engine technology honda type 1.3 L SOHC 16 valve I-Vtec dBW, using supply system PGM-FI fuel cylinder capacity of 1,339 cc engine makes this car can process the material fueled with highly effective and produce a large force of 100 ps (the largest class) while fuel consumption cars brio reaches 20 km / liter. Honda Brio fuel consumption is the most efficient among their competitors, compared with a hatchback car or other type of city car like honda jazz fuel consumption 1:15 km, suzuki splash fuel consumption 1:13 km, fuel consumption Sirion 1:11 km, most economical hatchback in 2012 now held by Honda Brio.
Honda Brio Specifications
Honda brio Dimension Length x Width x Height is 3,610 x 1,680 x 1,485 (mm)
Wheelbase: 235 mm
Car turning radius: 4.5 m pretty short to facilitate the driver turned the car
Fuel tank capacity of Honda Brio: 35 liters.
Transm system

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